About Us

The Braeside Difference

At Braeside Community Management, we provide volunteer association boards with professional management expertise and day-to-day support that allows them to make smart, well informed decisions.

What sets us apart from other management companies is our ability to see the overall picture from an owner’s perspective. We understand that your time is just as important as your real estate investment; that’s why we provide accurate and complete information that you can rely on, year after year.

Learn how Braeside is setting the bar higher for quality property management:

Our Size

The adage, ‘bigger is better’ does not necessarily hold true for property management companies. At Braeside, we pride ourselves on being large enough to offer state of the art technology, experience and scope of services of larger companies, yet remain small enough to provide personalized and hands-on attention that those big companies simply can’t offer. Our size allows our experienced senior partners to provide clients with their industry knowledge and attention for important decisions.

Our Experience

With over 20 years experience managing and owning investment properties, Braeside’s experience enables your building to operate more smoothly and cost-effectively. We provide our clients with proven solutions and recommendations to immediate issues, as well as strategies to anticipate potential problems they may face in the future.

Our Locality

Braeside has perfected its business right here in the Chicagoland area. This provides us with intimate knowledge of local dynamics, building codes and regional politics. With Braeside, you get the personalized and local attention you want and can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens, a Braeside manager is always just minutes away.

Our Accuracy

What truly separates our management company from others is our ability to provide clear, accurate information and reporting that allows a board to operate efficiently and make informed decisions. At Braeside Community Management, we use proven technology and easy-to-understand reporting to convey operating results, financial trends and market conditions to assist boards with their governing responsibilities.

Let our experience work for you. Contact us today.