About Us

With Braeside’s 20 years of experience managing and owning residential properties across Chicago’s North Shore, we have built the foundation of our success on the principles that accountability and responsive customer service are the cornerstone of a truly exceptional management firm. We derive our success from providing dedicated and customized hands-on services that allow each of our client’s properties to operate efficiently, to access accurate information they need to in order to make the right decisions and to maintain the highest property value for all owners.

Our proactive approach addresses three of the most pressing issues facing associations today:

  • Prompt and high-quality maintenance and services that keep owners happy and property values maintained
  • Professional, tailored support to busy volunteer condo boards with accurate and clear information needed to make informed decisions
  • Hands-on attention to detail from our experienced management team twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

In today’s economy, many firms  cut-corners to save-money, treating all clients as if they were the same.  At Braeside, we will anaylse each property’s unique needs, our goal is to develop an in-depth understanding of each property and board we serve.  With the initiation of your management contract, we will strive to establish reasonable and achievable agreed upon goals and will  implement targeted objectives to achieve those goals in an agreed-to timeframe.

Braeside is dedicated to being your long-term management partner and to establishing a relationship that will enhance the value of your property for years to come.

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